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Sadly, Visual Perfection is now closed
Tammie McGoldrick was the owner and the skill behind this service
Tammie passed away in April 2016 after a courageous battle with cancer
This web site is a memorial to her genius
She was very loved by her family, and will be missed forever

Visual Perfection is a multi-faceted company offering a wide range of affordable image and graphic arts design services such as:

  • Creating a dramatic DVD of your photographs and videos set to music
  • Scanning photos and negatives to preserve them, or use them in a craft project
  • Repairing and restoring damaged photos
  • Enhancing your photos much like magazines do with their photo layouts
  • Creating sharp and vivid brochures, wedding programs, or event invitations
The sky is the limit with Visual Pefection. I am not afraid to tackle any project and will do my best to bring your vision to reality.

With today's technology pictures can be experienced in ways more dramatic and entertaining than ever before. For example - you've spent many hours researching information, and collecting pictures from your family's past. Share that research with the rest of your family by showing them a beautiful and touching DVD; complete with narration, pictures of special mementos, and family photos all set to music to complete the package. You now have a cinematic treasure your family will enjoy for years to come.

Sharing your wedding pictures with all your friends and family is virtually impossible. A DVD with pictures of you and your spouse as children culminating with your wedding, all set to music from your past and played during your wedding is an easy way to share those moments. Instead of a stack of photos, now you have an entertaining and emotional program to share. What a beautiful gift.

It's Christmas and you want to give your parents something special - why not give them a Visual Perfection DVD that encompasses their life. They will laugh and they will cry as they watch this truly unique gift. The possibilities are endless.

Another service I offer is photo restoration. I can take those old photos that have been damaged, or starting to fade and restore them to their original state, or sometimes even better than the original. I will give you the digital images, and I can even print those photos up to 8x10 in any combination you want per sheet (i.e. 1 5x7 with 2 wallets...). As we baby boomers age we inherit that box of pictures or those photo albums from our parents. Some of those pictures probably date back to over 70 years old. Those pictures are now beginning to fade to the point they are almost invisible. With some simple correction adjustments those pictures can be saved and returned to near their original vibrancy. I can even colorize some of those pictures, making them even better than they once were.

Professionalism with a personal, classy touch has been part of every job I have ever done, and is what I will guarantee to you.

NOTE: The video samples on this web site have been modified and compressed for internet streaming. Unfortunately this process greatly reduces the quality of playback.